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Blue Water

It is my practice, to encourage each client to discover their own inner resources and strengths while gaining personal empowerment. Whether you seek recovery from trauma, depression or anxiety,

I will provide you the tools and skills to enhance your self-esteem, develop relationships and establish healthy boundaries and communication. As you learn to cope with life transitions and changes, we will incorporate mindfulness-based techniques, and challenge maladaptive thoughts and beliefs by approaching solutions to engage stressful situations, you will reduce emotional suffering. 

Beach Chairs

I work with adults who show up as they are in whatever state their life may be in now but are at the breaking point of needing change. Work stress, marriage, relationships, kids, trauma from childhood, getting ready to retire, issues with coping... Wherever you are that is where we begin. 


I have worked with people across the spectrum by helping them to achieve their goals and live their best life. While on your journey, I will help you to explore your inner thoughts, memories, emotions and sensations to help you increase awareness of the obstacles holding you back and develop strategies to allow you to achieve your goals harnessing your strengths deep within.


Harnessing Strength was the name of my doctoral dissertation and an idea I developed to improve resources for people struggling to access mental health care. Bringing this idea to life has allowed me to live my life according to what is important to me and is in alignment with my values and goals.  

While on your journey, I will help you develop increased awareness and acceptance while developing a plan to allow you to live life in alignment with what is most important to you in order to help you achieve your goals. 

I look forward to working with you. 

                                                                                  Lisa Krekler

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